To reserve your library instruction session, click the desired slot for the date that you want, fill in your information and keep an eye out for a confirmation email (check your junk email folder). Use the little calendar to the left to navigate to September, October, or November 2017. A librarian will contact you in September to discuss your library instruction session in more detail. Please request as soon as possible.

When should I request library instruction?

If you are following the Common Syllabus then the best time to request library instruction is sometime during week 2-10. Library instruction usually takes a whole class period (50-70 minutes depending on the length of your class).

Why do I have to bring my class to the library for instruction?

Short Answer: It's required!

Long Answer: The course criteria for Rhetorical Arts was voted on and approved by LMU faculty. The course criteria for Rhetorical Arts states, "Assign at least 10% of the final course grade on the basis of information literacy with a librarian-led workshop and one or more course-integrated assignments." -- Rhetorical Arts Criteria

Questions? Comments? Contact Elisa Slater Acosta, Library Instruction Coordinator at